Clogging riding lawnmower


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Clogging riding lawnmower

Does anybody here know of a way to prevent riding lawntractors from constantly clogging up. I have a huskee so mayby I wouldn't be getting this problem if I would've just coughed up the money for the john deere. Questions are this.

1) would a john deere help my problem

2) Do they make any products that you can attach to the shute of these things that can perhaps suck/push the grass more inorder to prevent clogging.

3) Anything else you want to add. I also don't mow when the grass is wet.

My grass is somewhat thick though so I might have to get the goods. Thanks.

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If grass is dry, maybe you need to slow down ground speed,be sure engine is WOT and mow more often.
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Do you keep the blades sharp? Have you tried different blades? Little cooking spray around the chute might help and of course cutting it more often and a little lower would as well.
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cut your grass more often or slow down. sharp blades will help alot also. raising the deck may help too. also to keep sharp blades you may want to buy a high quality blade so it stays sharp longer.
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Do you have mulching blades on it, or blades designed for bagging/discharging?
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I bag the grass clippings with the riding lawnmower and I mow once a week. I would like not to have to mow twice every week. I also do sharpen the blades. I am not very sure what type of blades I have on there though. Do you have a picture or can you describe what bagging blades should look like. Mayby I should try cooking spray or something. Also here is a another question. What is the ideal length that I should be cutting the grass. Mayby it doesn't matter but perhaps if I cut it shorter or longer it wouldn't grow so fast. I cut it about 3" in length right know. Thank you for the help
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Mulch, mulch, mulch. It won't clog the chute because you block it & it will quickly turn itself into compost on your lawn.
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You could cut your grass very short. You could also spray it with round up. Either way you will probably kill it or at the least expose weed seeds which will replace the grass. In the spring it grows fast. If you fertilize it will grow fast. Cut twice a week now and in the heat of August you will only need to cut every other week. Balances out over the season.
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