Preventing Hose Twist on Pressure Washer


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Question Preventing Hose Twist on Pressure Washer

Is there a device (swivel/coupler) that can be attached to the PW hose that will prevent it from twisting? Thanks!
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Not that I'm aware of but stay tuned, perhaps someone else will.
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Yes and no, depending on the type hose your washer is equipped with.

Many low buck washers have hose ends with special fittings that can not be equipped with a swivel. Sometimes you can take this type of hose to the farm supply or auto parts store and have a hydraulic swivel crimped in. The hose guy will probably tell you that they won't guarantee the hose or the fitting, because the fittings are not designed for pressure washer hose. And while this is true, it works 9 out of 10 times.

If your washer's hose has fittings with national pipe thread [NPT] on either end you can simply get a threaded hydraulic swivel. You may have to search the parts stores or hardware store but they do make them. The pressure washer manufacturer may also offer a quick coupler that allows the hose to swivel as a natural function of the coupler.

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