New Sears tiller won't start


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New Sears tiller won't start

Hi folks! I bought a Sears Craftsman tiller with a 7.0 hp Briggs & Stratton engine, model number 917.294271. I purchased this tiller last fall and only put an hour on it, mainly to learn how to operate it. I stored it in my metal utility shed over the winter and I did leave a 1/4 tank of gas in it (without stabilizer). I broke it out last week and it wouldn't start. I drained the gas from the tank and carb, filled it with new gas, and replaced the plug. Still wouldn't start.

I checked the manual. It makes a reference to a kill switch on some models. Mine doesn't have one and I've looked high and low and checked out the diagrams in the manual. I removed the spark plug and shot a blast of gumout in the engine. Still no start. It doesn't even look like I'm getting spark at all. I took out the new plug and it was wet with gas. The engine never made more of a sound the a quiet pop. I removed and cleaned the carb and still no luck. Given that there doesn't look to be any kill switch, why can't I start the thing and why isnt' there any spark. I'd appreciate any advice at this point. My fallow 1/2 acre backyard is screaming for help, or maybe that's my wife
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First I would determine there is no spark. Ground a good spark plug to the engine and spin the motor, watching for a spark at the electrode of the plug. If you have no spark, check to see if there's a kill wire attached to the throttle assembly. It would kill by grounding the ignition just past the slow speed setting on the throttle.

If at that point you have no spark and nothing is evident, as to operator error, to have caused it I would take it back to Sears and have them fix it. It's should still be under warranty.

Should you find you have a spark, you probably have the engine flooded. Remove the spark plug, open the throttle wide open and have your wife spin the motor over about twenty times.

Then replace the plug and perform the starting procedure in the manual.

Hope this helps

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You have fuel, you have air, but what about spark? Remove and dry the plug. Place the plug wire on it and have the base touch a clean metal surface of the engine. Have wifey pull the start rope with the throttle set to start position and look for a blue spark jumping the gap. If you have fire, we need to go further. No fire - find out why.

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