Removing flywheel


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Removing flywheel

I have a craftman 15.5hp Briggs and stratton riding lawn mower that I need to remove the flywheel to replace the plastic gear for the starter. Is there any tricks or pullers I can buy to remove this to repair? any thoughts would be appricated.
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I am not familiar with this particualr briggs, I have worked on may smaller models. If it is like those, a puller should be used to remove the thing. They are a cast metal and relatively easily damaged.

With that said:
I have removed flywheels by wedging behind the flywheel at two opposing points. All you want to do is apply some (not alot) of pressure or you will break it.

Then with a brass mallet or hammer and a soft piece of metal, wrap squarely on the end of the crankshaft. This will cause it to pop loose.

BTW do NOT forget to take of the retaining nut before attempting this.
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This engine should have steel flywheel, they are much stronger then the aluminum, so a little more force can be used. But pretty much about the same thing applies to them like the small ones. Be sure to check the flywheel key for wear on it, replace if so. And get the torque settings for the nut (can be had off the briggs site)
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It may sound like a silly reminder but do not forget to put the woodruff key back in when replacing the flywheel.

If you forgot that you wouldn't be the first.
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I am not familiar with that particular engine, but the starters i had to work on and the gear that I replaced in the past just required that the starter be unbolted from the side of the motor and worked on.
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If you have a plastic ring gear on the flywheel, and that's the problem, then you can use an automotive type steering wheel puller to remove the flywheel.

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