Lawnboy Lawnmower


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Lawnboy Lawnmower

Does a LawnBoy rotary Lawnmower normally have a flywheel key like other motors such as Briggs & Stratton, Tecumseh, etc)?

My Lawnmower seems to slow down when it hits long grass.
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It should, but that doesn't sound like thats the problem. How high is the grass? Have you always mowed the same height grass and it did fine?
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Smile LawnBoy Lawnmower lacking power in deep grass

Well, maybe its not the flywheel key, but I found something out. Beside the carbeurator, there's a winder( a wheel with teeth)that can be turned to open up the throttl, but there's a spring whwich winds around this wheel. Now this spring is something the size of the first string on a violin. I have great difficulty getting this spring to stay in a slot wherre its supposed to catch. Where it catches there's a small square hole about 1/8 inch square, bu I can't get it to stay in the hole, I was even thinking of keeping it in there with chewing gum.
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Angry Lawnboy spring

Waynf, keep the gum in your mouth and off of the carb spring. I just got through with working on a 2 stroke Lawnbor carb (Walbro) and I had to replace the spring on mine because the tip was bent. A new spring will cost you a whopping $2.63 +tax!
Take the new spring and insert it into the lever arm hole on the plastic part that is on the front of the carb carefully (Be sure not to bend the spring) so it's L shapped tip actually goes through the opening. Replace the part on the mower and away you go. Be careful with that winder wheel, each click increases the rpms. Turn clockwise a turn or two and see what happens.
In answer to your question about flywheel keys, yes there is a top and bottom key on the crankshaft. The top on holds the flywheel in place.
One word of advice on Lawnboy mowers. Invest in a Lawnboy shop manual to answer many of your technical questions. Beats having to wait for answers on your computer.

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