engine leaks gas and floods the bowl when its off


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engine leaks gas and floods the bowl when its off

Hello all,I am having a problem with my old 15hp Kohler engine (cv15s).It runs great but I have to keep the gas line pinched off or it dumps to much gas and floods it out,and when i shut it off ,I can park it and it'll just drain the tank onto the ground.I have taken the whole carb apart and cleaned it and took out the float and cleaned everything in it and the bowl,can someone tell me why my gas just keeps flowing all the time if i dont pinch off the line. I have replaced the fuel filter and everything,but did it before that.Cleaning the carb and float didnt help....do I need a new float or what?rebuild the carb?Please help or its gonna be a long summer!!!!!!
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Did you make sure the float wasn't full of gas itself? then replace the inlet needle and seat. What it is, they are not seating and cutting the gas off. The float moves the inlet needle up and down, shutting the gas off when it gets full, letting gas in when it gets low, keeping the bowl full but not letting it overflow.
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Take the carb apart again & remove the float. Hold it close to you're ear & give it a shake. If you hear ANY kind of sloshing inside, That's you're problem. If it's been flooded, remember to change the oil!

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