Pull start rope broke - how to reset?


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Pull start rope broke - how to reset?

I have a mantis mini tiller, the starter rope broke. I took off the cap and I can feed the rope in, but the screw to take off the metal housing where the rope winds is stripped.

How do I get the rope wound without being able to remove the cover?

Do I need to remove the cover?

I have attached a link to a photo of what I'm dealing with.


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Judging by the picture I would say you do. how bad is the screw stipped? They sell screwdriver bits that remove stipped screws I've seen them advertised on tv. You can get them at sears or any hardware store. Also you need to rewind the spring before putting the rope back in or it won't rewind the rope.
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The screw is beyond getting any kind of driver on it. Home Depot has the bit that removes stripped screws.

Assuming I can get it off, I remove the wheel, wind the rope,wind the spring, it should work?. Where do I tie the knot to keep the string from coming out when I pull the rope?

The Mantis website is useless, BTW.

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It looks to me as though there are cutouts near the center of the spool. One of these (probably the larger one) probably has a hole running through it to the inside diameter portion of the spool. You would run the rope through this hole to tie it off. If it does have this, wind up the spool in the direction it would turn when starting, insert the rope through the spool and housing, tie a knot in the spool end and a handle on the other and let the spring rewind the rope onto the spool.
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Thanks for the replies, the screw broke off when trying to remove it, then when trying to pound in the screw removal tool I bought the thing exploded with the coil flying out. It's pretty much shot.

Fortunately, since Mantis no longer stocks these, I found one on Ebay for a good price.

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