gas in oil


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gas in oil

I have a 14.5 hp Briggs and Stratton OHV motor. I just found gas in the oil, and gas continues to pour from the air filter when I try to start the motor. The motor does not start. It will do a partial rotation, and then stops, then does another partial rotation. At this time the starter starts to smoke. how many separate problems do I have?
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First off.... DO NOT START THE ENGINE! gas in the oil is not a good thing.

Now, you either have a hole in the float (you'll see a bowl there on the carb, the floats in there) and the float is sinking letting fuel go freely. OR a leaky inlet needle and or seat/ a stuck inlet needle and or float.

As for the starting issue.... it might be the gas in the cylinder locking it on the compression stroke.....take the plug out and turn the engine over a few times to purge the gas.... (WARNING.... keep the spark plug far away!!!) and get the carb dealt with. NOW after thats done, drain and refill with fresh oil!! then try to start it. If it doesn't start, it could need a valve adjustment done.

Note.... when you get it going, drain the oil again after a couple hours, just to be sure all the gas is out.

You do use fuel stabilizer and all that of course right? Also, replace the air filter.... the old one from gas getting on it will be clogged up.

Oh yes, the starter smoking.... they heat up pretty quick... any oil on it will make it smoke of course. As long as the starter is working, I wouldn't worry about the starter.
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You at least have a carb problem. Float & needle & seat. If you cranked the engine 'till smoke came from the starter, you may have to put the smoke back into it See you're local electric motor place to replace the smoke in the starter

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