Riding law mower died!


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Riding law mower died!

While cutting grass last night, our Craftsman riding lawn mower died. (it's only 3 years old). It made a "pop" sound, but not a backfire! We can start it up, but whenever you start to give the engine a load IE: let off the brake, or engage the mower blade, it dies, just like the kill switch on the seat does. It doesn't sound like the engine is being bogged down, but sounds exactly like the kill switch. We've already checked for obvious problems, any idea where to look next?
P.S. Sorry...that title was supposed to say "LAWN" mower died...not law
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No warranty?
Then remove the engine cover, and pull the one wire to the coil off, not the spark plug wire. This is the kill wire, it will leave any switches out of the picture. (to kill the engine, pop the spark plug wire off)
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It's usually the seat switch connector when this happens on AYP mowers (like craftsmans). Try taking a piece of wire (bread twist tie or a cable tie) and strap the connector up tightly to the switch so that the connection is as tight as you can get it and see how it does.

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