Where is the spark arrestor plate in Ryobi weedeater?


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Where is the spark arrestor plate in Ryobi weedeater?

I used to know, but can't remember how to get to it. My weedeaters run great for about 10-15 min then start bogging real bad and finally quit. Good spark plugs and are getting fuel. Just would like to know where the spark arrestor plate is because awhile back I posted here same subject and that was the suggestion. Clean the plate. and it worked. well same prob again. Help.
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I have a Ryobi 780R. The spark arrestor is located on the backside of the muffler. Remove the air filer/muffler cover, remove the two bolt with a 5/16 socket or nutdriver. When you turn the muffler over, you will see the spark arrestor.
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thanks but

thanks bud. But, I guess I was right on my guess this time and had cleaned them, well scraped. But to no avail, 10-15 min., they both continue to start bogging like running out of gas but there not, and then just only run at idle and the minute you try to give any throttle they begin to bog, until cut out all together. I can try to wash out the air filters again, but otherwise Im at a dead end. I appreciate the quick reply enos.
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Try em with the gas caps loose..... too rule out a non venting gas cap.
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Do they have the fuel filters inside the tank on a short length of gas line? Filter could be plugged.

I had a chainsaw with that type of filter. I kept plugging it. Turns out residue from the inside of a milk jug I was keeping the gas in would flake off. Needless to say don't keep your two stroke gas in a milk jug.

Hope this helps
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I have models 790R, & 725R. I put new plugs bin both. scraped off spark arrestor plates, and still the 725 runs about 10 min really great then boggs down and when try to give throttle it starts to kill, then I try to finish what bI can in idle speed. Then switch to the 790 and that runs awsome for about 15 min. then same thing happens as well. I mean they run great until that point. Then after bthey both sit awhile they run great agin and repeat the same process. It results in taking me quite awhile to weedeat around all the tons of stuff around my 10 acres. Wife likes to plant alot Cripes!
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Does anybody know?

Would anybody know of a link to a website that would have the schematics -breakdown of all the parts in these models. I have used sites for my snowmobiles that showed different sections of the sleds and showed and named exactly what they were and location. Same thing used for dealerships (schematics) to research parts?
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Gas problem

Sounds to me like you have introduced junk in the gas tanks that accumulate on the pickup and within the 15 minutes the pickup is clogged, then as the trimmers sets the junk slowly is washed from the outside of the pickup, just for grins dump the fuell that is in the tank in a clear glass jar and let it set over night to see what settles to the bottom. Just a thought, have a nice day. Geo
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Sounds to me like you have a crankcase air leak. Everything is fine when it is cool, but when the engine warms and parts expand, and air leak develops. Check around the carburetor mounting block for cracks, and then check around the plastic crankcase cover. You might find the leak by running it and when it is messing up, spray some carburetor cleaner around these ares and listen for a change in rpm. When you find a spot that changes rpm when it is sprayed, there's the leak.
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ok, but what are odds it happened to both at same time for leak? I will try the fuel test 1st. As not sure really how I can test spraying around carb. as as soon as it starts bogging, I can't time it and as I am using it. I don't think it would be to easy for me to have enough time to try to take off covers in time before it kills totally till it's cooled off enough to start again? But maybe I just need the steps explained even in more simpler terms as maybe I might be having a stupid attack on envisioning something that just might be very simple.? But hey, I do remember that end of last year the 725 was doing that and the 790 ran great. Now this year 1st time firing them up, now both are doing that same problem? Man I'm stuck???????
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