Lawnmower starts fine but stalls when i move it - please help!


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Thumbs down Lawnmower starts fine but stalls when i move it - please help!

I have a Briggs and Stratton engined push mower about 4 years old. Never had a problems before. Now it will start with no problems but stops when I move it. Can anyone tell me what might be wrong?
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First thing to look at is the blade or engine braking system. You could have a misadjusted cable or loose kill wire. On many Briggs engines, there is a plastic cover on the fan housing where the cable from the handle enters engine. Inspect near and under the plastic cover. Often when mowing under low hanging trees, debris will get wedged in this area, killing the engine.
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I often find the cause of this problem to be water in the carb. The water stays on the bottom, but as soon as you move the mower, it sloshes enough to get sucked into the main jet and kills the engine.
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Lawnmower stalls

I have a 2005 Craftsman 6.0 hp lawnmower that stalls after I start it. The only way to keep it running is to keep pushing the primer bulb.
So following the some of the advise I got here I removed the three screws the hold the air filter on.
Then I removed the two screws the hold the carburator on.

Now with the carburator in my hand, I removed the cover on the bottom of the carb the goes around the 'float'. Cleaned the inside with carb cleaner and the screw the keeps the cover on with a piece of wire from a shipping tag. The screw has small openings to let fuel through on mine.

Then used some more shipping wire to clean out any 'ports' (usually brass looking with small hole in it) that allow gas to flow through the carb. Then squirting it with carb cleaner.

I reassembled the carba and air cleaner (total of 5 screws thats it!! ) and vvrroommmm I was back in business.

The entire job took me a total of half an hour. I'm not a mechanic by any means and it still went smoothly.

Good luck with your mowers!!

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