Throttle sticking


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Throttle sticking

I have a noma riding mower with a briggs 12.5 hp engine, after it warms up the throttle sticks wide open. If I engage the blades I can adjust the throttle speed, other wise it just screams. I sprayed the carb off with carb cleaner inside the throat and outside, but it made no diffrence. How hard are these carbs to rebuild? I've rebuilt the carbs on a old triumph motorcycle I use to own but never messed with any lawnmower motors.
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They are not too hard. How old is the mower? so we know what style carb it uses.
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noma lawn tractor

I bought it used about 4 years ago I think it was 2-3 years old at that time but hardly used
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Does the engine slow way down when you engage the blades? It sounds like you might have an internal governor problem.
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I would check to see if the fast idle screw is not screwed in so far that it won't let the engine idle down when not under load. Just found that on a snowblower

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