8hp kohler knocking/ sputtering after heats up?


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8hp kohler knocking/ sputtering after heats up?

Hello, I have a 1977 K-181 Wheelhorse rider with a 8hp kohler engine that begins to make what sounds like a piston knock after it gets warmed up. The engine also sputters and misses when any sort of load is put on it. Prior to getting hot, the motor runs smooth but have noticed that it struggles when mowing grass that is somewhat thick, or a few inches high. I realize it is only a 8hp motor, but it just seems that as well made and heavy-duty as the tractor is, it should not struggle with mowing grass a few inches high? Any help, advice, or direction would be greatly appreciated.
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It sounds like something wrong with the timing or preignition from the fuel.

Check the point gap. I believe it's .020. The points are in a small metal encasement on the front of the engine. Follow the wire from the coil down to it.

Rotate the engine until the points are fully open and set with a feeler gauge.

There are some other things it can be, but this would be a good place to start.

Hope this helps
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Thank You

Thanks for the reply! I will take a look at that tomorrow. I appreciate your help.


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