Yardman Riding Lawn Mower Won't turn over


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Yardman Riding Lawn Mower Won't turn over

I have a Yardman 14.5HP rider built by MTD. It was bought in the 90's. Anyway, the battery was about shot so I went and bought a new one. I hooked it up and nothing. Won't turn over, doesn't click, nothing! The lights do not actrivate either. Last go around with the old battery I had to jump it. I mowed the grass and turned it off. About 2 hours later I started it again to see if the battery charged and it worked fine. Today even with the old battery it did nothing. I checked the new battery and its fine but juice is not getting to starter. Any thoughts?
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Check the in-line fuse, trace the positive lead from the battery to the starter solenoid (might be under a cover in front of the seat). The fuse should be before the solenoid probably a 7amp. If the fuse is OK then check that the negative cable is tight and not corroded where it attaches to the frame of the mower. If both of these suggestion check-out OK, make sure the blade engage safety switch isn't the problem.
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I agree,if you've got a good battery and the connections are free of any corrosion (both at the + side of the battery and at the solenoid for the positive cable,and the - side of the battery and the ground for the negative cable) check the fuse.Then if its not a blown fuse,it might be one (or all) of the safty switches.
MTD's has 4 of them,one at under the seat-one under the shifter lever on top of the transmission-one on the clutch/break lever-and one on the blade enguagement lever.
Juice from the battery has to go throw all these before it ever reaches the solenoid or the ignition switch.
But before you say "it's this"or it's that",make sure every thing is in the neutral position and try to crank it again.
If it's not any of these then it's a bad ignition switch.

Good Luck and reply back with findings
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I checked the fuse and it's fine. I ran a jumper from the battery to the starter and it cranked and started right up. Does this mean anything? Or does it eliminate anything? What about the solenoid?
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Check the small trigger wire plugged on the solenoid for 12v when turning the key to start. If you get 12v, then the solenoid is bad. If not, check the ignition switch connector.
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Loosen all of you cable ends(one at a time) including at the starter, move them back and forth a couple times to create a bare connection and then tighten them back down. See if that solves your problem.

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