Generator: Converting connectors


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Generator: Converting connectors

Hi all!

Last year we moved into a home down here in Florida with a system in place to allow some circuits in the house to be powered by a generator in the case of a power outtage. Wary, I had an electrician come out and inspect the system to make sure no Power company linesmen would be zapped by my generator if I were using the system.

The system looked good, so during the recent hurricane-preparedness sale tax waive here in Florida, I bought a generator. Unfortunatly, I misread the box and now my generator has a different connector than my 'house' takes. I'm hoping someone might be able to answer if I can safely wire an adaptor. I'm pretty handy but I just want to make sure I'm not breaking any 'rules'.

The house subpanel is wired to a cable with a three prong twist-lock connector that I believe is 125V/30A (probably an L5-30). On the generator, the plug takes an 125/205V/30A L14-30.

So the question is, can I go to home depot and build a connector that converts the single/dual phase 4 prong L14-30 to the single phase L5-30. Perhaps one of the prongs remains unconnected?

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Here are some photos of the connector in question

The house connector (L5-20 or L5-30?)

The generator connector (L14-30)
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I would post this in electrcal as they handle this kind of question but from what You post said and from what i've read in other posts (and I could be wrong) I'm going to say no cause you can not have any part of the plug exposed I would say return the unit and buy the correct one.
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replace the house connector with one that has four conductors. you are missing either a ground or neutral. confirm that your transfer switch supports the four wire configuration.
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Get that electician to install a plug from your house to connect to the generator. I don't want to explain how to do it and IMO the other posts are not clear. Sorry if I stepped on toes,just don't want you or loved ones injured. The gen receptical is 240 v w/neutral and ground. If you should wind up w/ 240 volts connected to the hot and neutral on the house plug instead of 120 v,that tax free gen is going to look cheap compared to all the elec items you'll have to replace in the house. Don't take a chance, get a pro!!!!

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