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Hello all & Cheese: What is the cheapest oil I can use in my 4 cycles and still meet minimum requirements? Is the minimum 30W detergent with ILSAC GF-2 & API SJ/CF? Do I have to run synthetic. I've been buying Briggs oil but decided to look in the automotive section at Wally World. I can't find GF-2 but SJ/CF is easy to find. Can I use GF-3 or GF-4 because it's higher than CF-2 or does it work that way. I guess I need direction to a good 'OIL' tutorial? It isn't unusual but, "I've confused myself"!
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I just Run 5W-30 In my mowers as thats the cheapest. It use to cost 98 cents at the store I got it from but its gone up a little but still is the cheapest.The manuel says to use that oil in the winter or temps below 35 degrees but I use it all year round.
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use a high quality straight 30w detergent oil. you're not talking about enough oil to consider price as a criteria. skimp on the oil now and pay later. you don't need synthetics, a multi weight oil will be consumed faster but cause no harm. i don't like recycled motor oils and the savings are not enough. change every 25 to 50 hours of use or twice per year minimum.
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Havoline hd-30 is a great cheap 30 weight. Sold at family dollar and such.
If you can find it, walmarts supertech hd-30 weight, its made by a good supplier.
Try and catch sells, stuff like that..... I picked a whole case of castrol HD-30 up the other year on the cheap to run in a couple old ones.

I use mobil one in the newer ones..... it doesn't cost much to treat em right. I don't like using 5w-30 conventional.... ran it once in a very hot running older briggs and boy did it use a half a quart in a hour..... switched over to 10w-30 and consumption has been almost zero. Conventional multi wieghts shear too much and loose they're ability to lube as good after a short time..... I'd use either 5 or 10w-30 synthetic or straight HD-30..... I do use 10w-40 in another one.... but its just to get rid of the rest of my 10w-40 havoline. Pennzoil platinum would be a good synthetic to use as well. I beleive its around 15 bucks? for pennzoil platinum and 20 or so for mobil one in the 5 quart jugs. This is not much to spend.

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