I think its carbi trouble?, need help!!


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I think its carbi trouble?, need help!!

Hi guys,
I have a mitsubishi 5 hp engine (horizontal shaft, model G511P) off an old rotary hoe, the engine is in very good nick though when i removed the engine, the carbi was full of dirty old fuel, so i cleaned out the carbi and changed the spark plug. The engine starts pretty much first pull with the choke lever closed, but my problem is that when i open the choke the engine cuts out!! I have read many replys to other peoples threads on this forum and have tried cleaning the carbi (bout three times) used the compresser and made sure everything was clean. Im pretty sure it has got something to do with the cabi, it could be that i do not know the standard adjustments of the srews on the carbi, i fidlded around a little bit and let the engine rev up on choke and then opened the choke lever and the engine did stay on but quikly died when i tried to rev it. Before i fiddled with the screws when i would open the choke lever the engine would die straight away but if i was to fully rev it, it would work and then die when i would let go of the throttle.
Could anybody please help me out with this problem, i have attemed many times to get it right but its not working out for me. If anyone could tell me the problem and give me some advice it would greatly be appreciated!!
Thankyou in advance,
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I am not familiar with Mitsubishi engines at all, however,
If the engine will run with the choke on you obviously have a fuel flow problem, I would suggest you remove the carb and put it in a soaking type of carb cleaner, overnight or a couple of days to make sure all of the accumulated varnish has dissolved, then rinse the carb off with spray cleaner, let it dry before any reassemble. Do not put any rubber parts, gaskets, seals, etc; in the soak type cleaner as it will cause them to expand. Good luck. Geo
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