Merc 9.9 2 stroke problem with carb


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Merc 9.9 2 stroke problem with carb

The engine starts on a first pull but dies after 10-15 seconds. Then it does not start any more and the only way to start it is to completely take out the low speed idle jet. I can also start it by opening and holding open by hand the high speed jet.
I guess I have a problem with low speed fuel/air mixure passage in the carburator. I took off the carb and cleaned the bowl. I used the spray bottle carb cleaner and sprayed into the jet. Does anyone know if there is anything else I could look into?
Thanks, Petar
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I would suggest going to the auto parts store and getting some bath/soak type carb cleaner. Then dis-assemble and soak the carb overnite or longer if you have the time then use the spray cleaner to rinse off any residue in any holes, cracks and crevices. Do not put any rubber or gasket parts in the cleaner as it will make them expand and unuseable. Always screw all adjustment screws in to seat counting the turns, prior to disassembly, for re-assembly. Have a nice day. Geo
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I'm not sure what engine you have and if you are speaking of the high speed / low speed jet or of the throttle and choke flaps?

In any event, check the fuel tank cap for clogs in the vent hole. Also, fuel line and filter....! If all this checks out it's time to remove the carb and do some cleaning. Post back with what you find...

God Bless,
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A 9.9 Merc is an outboard motor. I've got one sitting in the basement. No fuel and been sitting dry for several years - for those who might worry that I might blow up the place.

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