Electric vs gas chainsaws


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Electric vs gas chainsaws

I'm cutting down an Italian Cypress tree. I have been using a 1.5 HP Remington electric pole saw, which is actually a 10" chain saw on the end of a pole. Now that I am down to the trunk, my little plug in ain't cuttin' it.

I have heard that any electric is too weak for most work but I like the instant on/off and smoothness. This trunk is about 18" or so at the widest and the wood is very tough. A 16" 3.0 HP is less than $100 at HD but so is a gas powered.

1. What is the approximate cc to horsepower? I couldn't find any horsepower ratings for the gas powered models, just cc.

2. Keeping in mind that I will be cutting more Italian Cypress trees down, is gas or electric better?
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Your looking roughly, at about 35 to 40 Cubic Centimenters per HP however, this is a very rough measure. Many many engine parameters will effect engine HP including rpms / ft LBs of torque at the time of measure. Carburetion, valve size, lift and compression ratio will all dictate cc. vs. hp. I will offer this advice.... Go gas for the power! It has the greater bang for the buck and get the job done quickly however, it is off set at a higher up keep cost.

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I have a remington, 3.5,16in, electric chain saw. surprisingly,
it works great on many trees. I cut about a 18 in. birch tree and it had no problem. Also oak,maple. It does well enough to post here. A gas saw is really the way to go if your a serious woodsman. IMHO.
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Electric: Easy to use, inexpensive, quiet, smells better, lighter, convenient.

Gas: Stronger, faster, probably a bit safer (no cords to trip on), and no cords to trip on. Oh, and you don't have to have a cord either.

If you will be doing this on a regular basis, I would go for a quality gas saw, like Echo, Stihl, or Husquvarna (not a low priced Husquvarna). There are several other quality names. If you go for a $100 saw, you won't have much of a saw to speak of, and don't buy it with the expectations of having a running saw for years to come.

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