Generac pressure washer won't start


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Generac pressure washer won't start

I have a Generac 2700 psi pressure washer with a GN220 engine that will not spark. Changed plug and still wouldn't spark across tha gap even with the plug out. Took out the ignition coil and measured winding resistance. Primary 1.4 ohms, secoundary 14K. But secondary resistance would go up and down a few kohms if I wiggled the HT lead. Are the resistance values normal? The fluctuation of seconmdary resistance cannot be right? Tried to bypass the Low Oil Shutoff module and kill switch by connecting the primary lead of the coil to ground with HT connected to plug. Pulled starter rope but not a trace of spark. Is this a good way th bypass all timing and shut-off controls just to test the coil?
Your help is much appeciated.
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I'm not sure you are measuring a secondary winding. Are you sure you aren't on the kill switch connection? The primary (high tension lead) may have some specs available I'm not sure what those would be.

If you only have the coil/flywheel to generate a spark (it looks that way from the diagram) you could remove the kill wires from the coil (this would remove the low oil sensor from the circuit). If your coil is good you would be able to generate a spark everytime the magnets on the flywheel passed the coil pickup.

Ground a plug to the engine with the kill wires off and pull the rope. The spark should be visible. If this gets you a spark you probably have a wiring, kill switch, or low oil switch problem.

Hope this helps

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