help 10 hp tecumseh engine wcarb problems


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help 10 hp tecumseh engine wcarb problems

i have an older 1985 craftsman lawn tractor been sitting indoors not run for 8 years i put on a new carb part#143376022 new fuel filter new oil im not sure if im missing some part of carb linkage only has one rod for linkage which connects governor to throttle plate thats it there is the springs from the governor to the throttle plate can only run motor manually w/choke closed75% motor will only run at high rpm cant control it it also surges im thinking most of my problem lies in the way ive hooked up linkage i have tried adjusting all screws on carbto no avail there is no electric shutoff valve on carb i think a diagram of the complete set up[linkage] would help me can anyone out there help me with locating one it is an80s model tecumseh 10h.p.manufactured for sears the #s on the engine !!! are143376022 ser7161c the carb part#is632991

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Is there an electric shut-off valve on the bottom of the carb? Did you adjust the carb, if possible? Sounds like a fuel problem yet. Verify a good flow from the tank with the gas cap on & off. Post some eng #'s & please use puncuation marks. Makes for easier reading,he,he
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The adjustments on these carburetors are: turn the high speed needle in (bottom of bowl) until its snug (not hard), open 2 turns. The low speed needle (side of carb) , close and back it 1 turn out. These are initial adjustments

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