Coleman 1100 Pressure Washer


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Coleman 1100 Pressure Washer

I have a Coleman 1100 Pressure Washer that had been working fine. Recently, after it's been running for a while (on high pressure), whenever I release the trigger and then re-squeeze it, rather than a steady high-pressure stream it begins to pulse.

Sometimes, but not often, it will revert back to a steady stream, but usually it remains delivering the water in a pulse mode. This makes the project take more than twice as long to complete.

Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations of what I can to to resolve this problem and make it diliver a continuous steady high-pressure stream of water?

Thanks, Jerry
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Sounds like the usual pressure washer component failure: the unloader valve. Either that, or your tip is clogged partially, creating too much pressure to build up in the high pressure hose. If the hose/tip are ok, increase the tension on the unloader spring if it's adjustable. I have increased spring tension by putting a small washer behind the spring inside the valve body on non-adjustable units. It usually only takes one or two thin washers.

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