Honda Carburation


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Honda Carburation

My 2 year old Craftsman 21" has a Honda GCV-160-ABHH 5.5 hp engine. First year it ran fine, second year it started to surge or search like it was starving for gas. Good spark. Engine starts fast when choaked, but dies as soon as the throttle is set to run position.

Any suggestion on what it will require to get it back on track. I bought it primarily because of reviews on the Honda engine, now I am not so sure.

Does anyone know where I can buy a technical shop manual for this engine? Sears info is useless.

Grass is getting long and my wife will have to use a borrowed mower!


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Honda engines are very reliable.
Surging is a fuel problem, the spark ignition has nothing to do with it.
You need to remove the carburetor and clean it. These carbs are very simple to clean. After you remove the bowl remove the (brass) main jet and clean out all of the orfices. Back out the (black plastic) idle adjustment screw and carefully take out the (black plastic) pilot jet ontop of the carb, spray cleaner through all of the bleeder holes in the throat of the carb. Reassemble and see if that takes care of the problem. This should take you, at the most, an hour.

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