Kill Wire Grounding?


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Kill Wire Grounding?

Should the kill wire on solid state modules have continuity to the layered iron part of the coil?
All of my various coils (7- none of which work) have this continuity.
I would think this would ground it and prevent spark.
Am I just missing something here?
Is there a reliable way to test a module off the engine?


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I've never checked but I would assume the end of the coil rap would terminate at the zero voltage point which is ground or -neg. It is reasonable to assume that the end rap of both the primary and secondary of the coil would be connected to the lamanations of the ignition coil which is indeed conected to the system ground by the mounting screws to the engine block.

The kill wire should be connected to the begining of secondary rap. With this in mind, there will be continuity from the kill wire to either input or output lead however, there should be some resistance, (a few ohms) but not zero!

If your meter reads "zero" ohms then there is an internal short. A reading of a few ohms is normal...!

Sometimes the wire or kill switch itself can be defective. Remove the kill wire from the coil and try the engine. It could be your wire or switch but I find it hard to believe that 7 ignition coils are bad.

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Correct, there should be continuity. Not 0 ohms, but a few thousand probably. The readings will vary from coil to coil. The best way to determine if a coil is good or not is put it on an engine with .010" air gap, and no kill wire attatched. If it sparks, it's good, if's bad.

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