Question about Pole Chainsaws


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Question about Pole Chainsaws

I have wanted to get a pole chainsaw for some time now after dealing with the old fashioned hand one. I may be too cheap since I haven't had too many problems with the hand saw other than it can be tiring. I have looked at the Stihl brand and impressed, however the price always scares me away. I am wondering if anyone recommends the cheap electric ones made by Remington, I am leary of the brand and afraid I will have a chain saw coming off the end from 15 feet in the air! Does anyone know where you can get used ones (stihl)?

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Take a look on ebay. You should be able to find them on there. I haven't used an electric one, but wouldn't be scared to. If you're just the occasional user, electric would probably be a decent choice if power cords aren't an issue to you.
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Doesn't matter what kind of saw you use for overhead work, gas, electric or manual, you will still need a hard hat for protection. Safety first! I'd have no problem recomending the Remington electric saw for occasional homeowner type use. Saves a lot of shoulder and back aches from pushing and pulling a manual saw, but don't expect to cut up a cord of firewood with it.

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