B&S 14.5-> start issues


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B&S 14.5-> start issues

YardMachine riding mower with B&S 14.5 Engine (Model # 287707, Type 0224-01)
Picked this up off a friend of the family last winter. It was only a year old at the time, but i've had trouble with it all season.
Currently, it won't start (again). I've checked all the electrical connections (i already had to adjust seat bolts etc to get my light weight and short legs to make all the safety connections).
It initially dies mid-mow: big bang. I could never get it going again. Since i can hand turn the engine with appropriate resistance, and the battery tested good... i replaced the starter. Starter would engage, but not enough umph to turn the engine, so i had to replace the battery, again (2nd this season).
Now, the starter engages, turns the engine, but it doesn't quite seem fast enough. And it eventually stops all together (the starter stays engaged).
Following the advice on other threads, i pulled the spark: engine does the same thing.
Could this be a solenoid (isn't that in the starter)? Why am i crashing through batteries? Would it really kill me to just push mow the half acre? (ok, that was a joke...)
i'm used to working on my car (last week i replaced the altenator, starter, and battery... this is getting old)- so i have a clue, just not a very good one....
any help would be appreciated (my yard is getting jungle-like)!

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and it finally started. i just let it sit for a few hours. I'll have to mow tomorrow... if it starts. Thinking it is a battery issue, somewhere, somehow.
Once i get it going, should i drive this puppy over to the local maintenance shop for some sort of... maintenance/ tune-up? What does that usually include, and will it keep this bad boy running better (and me sweating less)? I'm thinking i should just plan on doing this at the start of every season?
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This is an over head valve engine. If valve lash is not right you will have major trouble with starting. Here is the valve adjusting procedure...

Remove spark plug. Remove valve cover from front of head. There will be two rocker arms over the valve stems. You will need a feeler gauge. This can be purchased from your local auto supply.

With valve cover removed; insert a screw driver into the plug hole. This will allow you to feel the piston travel. Rotate the flywheel until the piston is at the top of it's travel. The piston must be on the compression stroke... Both valves closed.!

When at the top of the compression stroke ... Insert the .005 feeler gauge between the rocker arm and valve stem. Adjust either or both rocker arm nuts until you feel a draging resistance between the rocker arm and valve stem. This is for both valves. Rotate the flywheel two rev's. Recheck! When you have a draging resistance with both valves.... you're in business.

Replace valve cover, housing and you shold be in business. Let us know how it goes...

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When rotating the flywheel, turn it clockwise from the view piont of the valve cover.
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I'll second the motion. Incorrect valve lash can cause hard starts, and eventually ruin a starter, battery, and solenoid by overamping them. The big pop when it died is more of a mystery. Could be the kill wire for the coil pinched behind the starter and shorting. I've seen this several times.

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