mtd is bad to me!


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mtd is bad to me!

help; My Mtd is ;well, I don't know. I went to fire it up like I always do, it turned over 2 times, and then nothing. I mean nothing. It was like the battery was not in it anymore. I replaced it[the battery]; nothing. It has a new engine, rear end, battery, and all new belts. What could cause this? My amp meter is doing nothing when I turn the key. I don't hear a click like solenoids do when they stick. Help!!!!!!!!!- the old rocker,
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They are switches under the seat, the clutch peddle and the blade control. Check all these switches with an ohm meter. One of these switches are most likey the cause. If they all do not make contact the starter will not turn. If all these switches test good then... Find the soleinoid and jump the lug that connects to the batt with the termanal that connects to the key switch. This should be a red wire. If the starter turns over then it's your key switch thats bad. If not, it's the soleinoid that's defective. Replace either switches, key switch or soleinoid... Also, make sure all fuses are good before doing the above. Let us know how it goes.

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2 common problem areas on old MTDs that cause this are the fuse holder (contacts get corroded and don't allow power through the holder), or the keyswitch contacts, primarily the battery power terminal on the switch, get corroded. The fuse holder is generally found near the solenoid. Follow the small red wire from the positive battery cable at the solenoid to find the fuse holder.

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