riding mower wont start


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Question riding mower wont start

i bought an old montgomery ward riding lawnmower from a freind it worked ok but i had to jump it to get it to start my freind came over and got it to run a lott smoother i pulled the battery and putt a charged battery on and now it does nothing no sound no lights and the voltage meter doesnt move at all. all the levers are in the correct position i even tried the old battery while it was being jumped i still get nothing i am not very mechanicly inclined so you have to spell it out slowly for me thank you for any help you may be able to provide
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You may have something as simple as a blown fuse. Check the positive battery cable, follow it to the end, which is the solenoid. The fuse is generally in a smaller red wire attatched to the same lug on the solenoid that the battery cable is on. If the fuse is good, make sure your battery connections are clean and tight. If that doesn't get it, get a test light and we'll go from there.
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Montgomery Wards with the model # prefix TMO is a MTD product.
If this what were talking about, there is no fuse, it has a breaker switch instead. Under the shifting plate on on of the edges you`ll find a small square shaped box with 2 wires connected to it. Dis connect the wires and by pass them and see if that makes a difference. If so, the switch is out. An in-line fuse can be used in place of it .
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that didnt work

that didnt work i got my tester light whats next
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Make sure all your connections are good and clean, If you have a dirty negative connection anywhere it will make a difference. I had a unit that worked ok but the negative terminal caused havoc and it was the culprit. so before you go into major rebuild...... CHECK all your connections, expecially the grounds

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Try changing the solenoid

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