Riding mower engine won't turn over


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Angry Riding mower engine won't turn over

I was mowing & the mower quit & will not start again. It will turn over but not start. I have: put in a new spark plug, new in line gas filter, new air filter, good gas, oil is fine, battery is charged up. There is gas in the carborator. Now what?
It's a Craftsman 16.OHV # 917271080 with a
Kohler engine # CV16S
Thanks for any help, Betty
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Make sure you have spark at the plug tip...? Remove the plug. With insulated pliers. Hold the plug bolt of the plug to the engine head (the plug must be grounded through the block). Have someone turn it over and see if you see or (feel).. be careful; a nice blue spark. If not, you can suspect the ignition coil. Let us know how it goes....

God Bless,
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I'm sorry I forgot to add that there was no spark. I had a cousin come over & he took the plug out, put a wire in the cap & stuck it in where the plug goes. I tried to start the engine & he said there was no spark.
If it is the coil would it still try to start? I know nothing about that part. Betty
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If you have no spark, mower will not start. I suspect the coil or a safety switch. Regards, Jerbear
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With no spark , you have no fire. it will only turn over and will not even try to start. You can check for corrosion on the end of the lead wire. I find it all of the time. No corrosion, Replace the coil,
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Unlpug the kill wire from the coil and check for spark. If you still have no spark with the wire unplugged, the coil is bad. If you do, you have a problem in the mower electrical system. Usually it's a bad relay on these mowers. Most of these craftsmans with kohlers have a series of relays under the dash area, on the right hand side under the fuel tank (if the tank is under the hood on this one). One of these relays kills the ignition. I would suggest pulling one of the relays out, take it to a small engine shop and purchase a new one, and try the new one. If it doesn't work in the one spot, put the old one back, and put the new one in place of another relay, and repeat until you find the bad relay (all 3 are the same. Usually the relay controlling the ignition is the one with at least one white wire going to it).

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