Viper mower blade


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Viper mower blade

A few questions about the yellow Viper mower blades sold at Home Depot. First, do they work better for mulching than your average blade? Second, is it installed with the serrated bent sections pointing up or down (amazingly, the instructions don't say)? Third, should the serrations be sharpened or just the straight blade part?
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I don't know the Viper blade but it's what is considered to be a mulching blade. The most popular name for these style blades is the "Gator". I'm sure they're one in the same and the serrations point up and they're not to be sharpened, only the leading cutting edge is sharpened. As far as effectiveness, they are very effective in wet/damp conditions, which is a condition you should normally avoid when attempting to mulch your lawn. The landscapers love them and say they work extremely well in all conditions.
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I have come across pro`s and con`s from different people on these blades. They are mulching blades but the way they cut all depends on the type and the height of the grass you cutting.
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I like them when mulching or disharging the clippings. Don't bother with them if you're bagging. The gator blades are usually thicker/stronger than factory blades and last longer. I'm not sure if the Vipers are or not.

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