It's all in the name. Is it worth the price? (John Deere LT155 Repairs)

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It's all in the name. Is it worth the price? (John Deere LT155 Repairs)

I have a John Deere LT155. I purchased it new in '98. Its the second John Deere product I owned. Since that time it has:

Defective blades; I have the Freedom 42 deck. Blades can come off while cutting. Replaced at dealer due to recall.

Broken two timing belts for the Freedom 42 deck. Not cheap.

Replaced starter. At $135, which is more than my dodge truck's starter. Also replaced solenoid.

Engine bolts. Lost three out of four. They just worked themselves loose. As they did, the Koeler engine slide a bit and off came the pipe to the muffler and to the front manifold. Welded pipe back on and replaced gasket. Replaced bolts.

Now it sits in my yard on its way to the dealer for:
Steering rack-in-pinion gear is gone. I have zero steering. I jury-rigged with a c-clamp but that did not work too good. Also, will not start. I think it's the solenoid, since I can bypass it by turning the key to on, then touching the bolts on the solenoid. One last thing, the front cover is cracked, so I can remove the whole engine cover and run it with the engine on full display. Real reckneck.

I serviced this unit every year like clockwork.
I am afraid the dealer is going to tell me I'd be better off if a new one.
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Well, I don't want to risk being called a basher or anything, so I will simply reply that I personally would take a craftsman or even a murray over a L or LT series deere. I'm sure someone out there has had good luck with theirs, but I don't think I've managed to meet them yet. Go to a higher grade of deere, and things change. I'll take a GT or LX series Deere over most of the others out there.
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You can find a lemon on the BMW lot. This is a fact; but as Yourself and Cheese said,

Unless you're willing to shell out some extreme dollars you'll have to deal with belts and pullies forever; however, (there' (lies)..... the beauty... Of repair, for me anyway, which I love more than the mower or money itself!

I agree with the Cheese, If you want no break downs and to do some seriously hard work; with no down time; go with the ($00,000.00) mower and even then, it's time will come.

God Bless

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I've read your post several times, and wasn't gonna comment but changed my mind. My take is that Deere replaced the defective blades under recall as they should, 2 mower deck timing belts in 8 years seems reasonable to me because belts do wear out. The engine mounting bolts coming loose should have been caught by someone before any damage was done by visually checking all the hardware for tightness during it's yearly service. The starter and steering might be legitimate gripes but without knowing how many hours you have on the unit and how it's used, I can't say that for certain. If you have 1200-1500 hours on it, it has served you well. If you have 300-400 hours on it (or less), you have a right to be a little disappointed. I know that leaves a big gray area in between, and that again is because I don't know how it's been used.
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The type of mower you need depends on the type of application, type of terrain, size terrain, and how often it`s used. If your mower is`nt rated as "commercial" then that`s what you should be looking for. They cost more but their built for long hard use.

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