Tecumseh connecting rod


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Angry Tecumseh connecting rod

Would like a tip from you small engine experts. I have a
Model 70 JD that I restored. I have snapped 3 connecting rods
on the VH70 Tecumseh Engine. (Once on the original and 2
after overhauls.) Can any body explain possible reasons for this?
The last time the rod went through the oil sump, so does anybody have
an oil sump for a tecumseh vh70 Model 135008?
Thanks for any info
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The engine may be exceeding it`s maximum governor(no load) speed of 3600 rpm`s.
Has it damaged the wall inside the block?
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The block

The block is fine. But what you said makes since. It seemed to be governed a little high. I was told it could be a bad crank. If I overhauled it again I was thinkig about a knew crank. Think its worth a try as a precaution?
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If it's running over speed, that's probably where the problem lies. With 3 thrown rods, there is a chance the crank could be out of spec too. An automotive machine shop can check it for you. They will have the micrometer and dial indicator to measure journal size and runout/wobble.
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Good luck with finding parts. I know of some other guys with the same model tractor and they have a real hard time finding anything for their motors. The engine has been out of production a LOOOONG time and there were not many made in the first place. If you have a parts source for these, would you be willing to share it with me? I can relay the info back to a Deere forum I hang out at. Some folks there I'm sure would send MANY good thoughts your way
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Thumbs up vh 70 parts

First off thanks to everbody for your input.. My local engine shop can get everything new for this engine, except the short block..But you are correct. My first engine blow screwed the block. Took me over 2 years to find another one. Found it in the U P of Mich.
Thanks again

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