Presure Washer Pump


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Presure Washer Pump

I have a Generac 2300 psi pressure washer.When I try to wash it surges a little & does not get up to pressure.
Here's what I've done so far.
1)checked h2o volume (good)
2)checked water inlet screen (clean)
3)checked screen on nozzle (clean)
4)Adjusted the psi regulator(no diff. between highest & lowest)
5)checked water supply hose for kinks(none)
6)tried a different nozzle(no diff.)
7)checked oil in pump(has oil)
8)checked engine oil(fine)
9)checked to make sure water supply is not too hot(fine)
Is there a way to check if the pump is operating?
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Is the engine surging badly, or is it the pump kicking in and out? If the former, you probably need to clean the carb. If the latter, you probably need to remove, clean, and lubricate the unloader valve.
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It's the pump I'll try the unloader valve, Thanks
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I have the same pressure washer with the same problem. I was considering buying a new pump because the engine is in great shape.

Was the work you did on the unloader valve difficult? Also, how much oil should typically be in the pump? Did the work you performed make it pump like new?

Thanks for your help

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