Fixed 49cc Dirtdog Scooter!


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Fixed 49cc Dirtdog Scooter!

OK guys and gals, I have good news to tell! I got my Dirtdog scooter running again !!!YAY!!!

Getting the piston onto the rod was easy, I lubricated as I went with standard 2-cycle oil. The hard part was getting them dam circlips back into the slots on each side of the piston pin. Kept dropping that one and trying to find it against a black surface was tough cause the circlips are black lol.

After that was done, I lubricated the rest of the piston and lubricated the head before I put it on. Went pretty smoothly and took me a bit to get the carb back on and the exhaust. Now I go to start it, was a bit hard to do cause the oil in the cylinder, which was not much. Once she started she was burning all the oil that I had put in there so that I would not get cylinder scoring apon initial startup.

Once the smoke burned off she ran real good and took her out for a spin. I on purpose road enough to go through 5 tanks of gas so that she would be broken in. Then I tuned her properly to get my top end speed and better fuel efficiency.

I am one happy guy now hehe. I get looks from people wherever I go, you can tell they all want one.
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good to hear. Congrats on the successful rebuild.

Enjoy your toy.
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In the future, you might consider laying down a couple of sheets of newspaper to work on. It allows you to see small parts dropped and when you are finished, you can wad the whole thing up and toss it in the trash, leaving a clean work area. Glad to hear that your rebuild was a success. I knew you'd get it running ok.
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Thanks for the advice Joe, I'm going to do that next time. Ya, I'm real happy that I got it running again too, this is been so much fun to ride and then it became a complete downer when the thing quit on me lol.

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