rewind Craftsman chain saw starting rope


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rewind Craftsman chain saw starting rope

The starting rope pulled out of my Craftsman 16" chain saw. Model 358.360360 I was able to get it back on the starter pulley with rewind but when I attach the housing back on to the saw, the rope won't retract. What am I doing wrong?
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You have a redo
Remove the housing, remove the rope, get a c-clamp, without the rope attached turn the starter pulley as many revolutions as possible in the direction it would go it the rope were attached and totally retracted, now move the pulley the other direction until the hole to attach the rope is aligned with the rope entry guide, now attach the clamp to hold the spool while you guide the rope onto the spool and tie the knot, with all that done, slowly remove the clamp and the rope will rewind, you can re-install the housing and you should be ready to go back to work. If I missed a step, you should be able to figure it out. Have a nice day. Geo
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So with the housing off, the rewind works like it should, but with it on it won't? If so, it sounds like you need to lubricate and free up the clutch dogs on the flywheel. They are 2 metal spring-loaded pieces on the flywheel that catch the cogs on the spool that the rope is wound on.
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Remove the pulley, wind the rope on the pulley, after the rope is wound on the pulley hold the end of the rope in the small notch at the edge of the pulley and install the pulley onto to the starter housing. Wind the pulley 3 times CC and then run the end of the rope through the guide hole, tie a slip knot leaving enough slack at the end of the rope to install the pull handle.

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