Shindaiwa Weed Trimmer.


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Shindaiwa Weed Trimmer.

I am trying to rebuild a Shindaiwa T-231 weed trimmer and I accidentally broke one of the fins on the flywheel while disassembling it. Will that make the flywheel be off balanced?
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i don't think one fin will make that much of a difference, but if it vibrates bad replace it. i've seen many in operation with a fin or two missing. check it out with the trimmer head removed to rule out any vibration caused by the head.
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It will throw it out of balance. It may or may not be bad enough to cause much noticeable vibration, but on a nice (and expensive) trimmer like that, I'm sure you're hoping to get many more years of service from it. A flywheel slightly out of balance will take its toll in time on the engine crankshaft bearings. I'd reccomend replacing it. If it was just a $90 homeowner brand trimmer that probably won't last more than a few years, it wouldn't be as big of a deal.

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