Troy Bilt Starting problems


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Troy Bilt Starting problems

I have been repairing an 18hp twin II B/S OHV. I replaced the starter which was fried, the solenoid, and a new battery has been installed, and lastly a new coil with plugs due to no spark. I still have to jump start it with battery cables from my truck battery to the starter itself. Once I do this it cranks right up and runs beautiful. I have to re-connect the kill wire to ground it out in order to shut it off. PROBLEM is this. I can not turn the key to crank it. Could it be the ignition switch. I have looked all over for any bare wires, fuses are good. I did however make a little unknown mistake. Once I installed the new battery, I sat in the seat to crank the mower and the bottom of the seat made contact with the battery terminals and began sparking and smoking the wires. Could this have shorted the solenoid? I have since replaced the battery wires...HELP>>>>>>>>>>>
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If you have to ground the kill manually you could easily have an ignition switch problem. The continuity break from the coil kill terminal to switch to ground could be elsewhere, though.

Likewise, anything that relies on the switch could malfunction. Considering your electrical shorting at the battery, it would be a good investment for you to get a continuity tester, either analogue or light variety.

You'll need to test a few connections to get everything sorted out.

Hope this helps
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Wow, what a quick response. I will indeed test the connections as suggested. One other thing. Until I find the wire that is either causing me the problem, or replace the ignition switch,,,Will it hurt my coil that I have just replaced to run the mower until the problem is fixed? Don't want to buy another one due to my negligence... Thanks a bunch.
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Nope, it will not hurt the ignition coil to run however, I must say that you need a new key switch. Replace it.

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Troy-Bilt won't fire

Thanks a Million $$$$$$$$$$. Dave and Marbobj. You guys are really helpful and I do appreciate your response in a timely manner.

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