Craftsman Gas Trimmer - leaks oil???


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Craftsman Gas Trimmer - leaks oil???

I have a 5 year old craftsman gas weed trimmer. just recently it started making a rough engine noise and spewing oil from the engine. It is a two cycle engine and therefore doesn't have a oil resevoir. Wondering if it is worth fixing or should i just plunk down $100 on a new one. If I can fix it myself (it has to be easy) I'll do it. Any ideas?
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It may be more complex, but for starters, did you recently refill it from a new batch of gas/oil mix, and if so , what ratio did you use.
Gas burns quicker than oil so an excess of oil might be spewing out and also cause rough running.

Others will be checking in with suggestions, but I would start with fresh fuel mix, to be sure that there wasn't an oops when mixing it.
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Sounds like it could be the crankcase gasket leaking. The oil/gas mixture in 2-cycle leaves some oil in the crankcase over time(especially if you have ran a too rich mixture/old gas etc). As the piston passes the exhaust port it creates compression in the crankcase to force air/gas mixure into the combustion chamber, over time the age of the gasket/vibration/loose screws can let the crankcase gasket start to leak and it blows out the old excess oil. Just replace the gasket and while you have it apart clean off the excess gunk that is in there with carb cleaner spray. Have a nice day. Geo

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