cordless electric trimmer


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cordless electric trimmer

As a new homeowner, I need to purchase my first weed wacker (yes, the thrills and bills never end!) and I plan on buying an electric model.

A cordless electric trimmer seems like a great idea, but some have warned me that it might not be powerful enough and that I'll end up doing all my trimming in 20-minute increments separated by 10-hours of charging. My yard is only .3 acres but it is a long, skinny property (230 ft) so some of the yard is quite far from the house. It is very overgrown at the moment.

Does anyone have experience with the Black & Decker model or another brand?

All advice is greatly appreciated!!
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Twenty minutes may be longer than you think. Try walking your yard - very slowly - and see how many laps you do in twenty minutes. I am most concerned with the over growth. The harder it works, the quicker it loses power. Once you get it shaped up, you can probably keep it that way within the twenty minute time limit.
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I can't remember the brand, but my old neighbor used a cordless for the 10 years I lived there and the yard was about the same as yours. He was elderly and slow and always got his done without it dieing. He had toe replace the batteries after several years though.
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I used a Toro cordless several years ago. It took 48 hours to recharge, but gave me 40 minutes of run time. I think batteries have gotten a lot better sine 1980. Black & Decker makes a 12 volt unit, Makita used to make a 7.2 volt one that recharged in 1 hour , and Toro offers a 12 volt model that allows up to 45 minutes of run time My experience with the cordless model I had 25 years ago was that it could not match the power of a corded model, and was heavier to carry because of the batteries. I now use a plug in model at home for it's light weight, almost zero maintenance, and has enough power for what I want to do.
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Why not a gas-powered unit? I'd go with a 25 or so CC engine with a straight shaft. Stick with a good brand, though. If you are set on the cordless, I'd go with the Toro. Good brand and easy to obtain parts and/or service.
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I just checked for cordless trimmer and Black and Decker showed up several times. The site is good to get a feel for other people's ideas on stuff. Have a nice day. Geo
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toro or b&d

Hi and thanks for the advice!

Looks like Makita no longer makes their cordless electric model so I am deciding betweeen the 12V Toro or the 18V Black & Decker, which costs about twice as much as the Toro but cuts a much bigger swath (14" vs 8"). Hyundai also makes a model that can be either corded electric or cordless.

I'm leaning towards the Toro, but have heard that the bump-to-feed feature does not work well. Does anyone have any experience with this?

As for gas models, I spent many early Sunday mornings cleaning my college football stadium with a gas-powered leaf blower strapped on my back as a fundraiser for my rowing team. At the time, Northwestern students had a tradition of throwing marshmallows at each other, the band, the players, etc. The combination of gas fumes, sticky marshmallows and raging hangovers formed a near lethal mix and gave me a lifelong aversion to any gas-powered tool!
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I absolutely LOVE my cordless 18v Black & Decker weed trimmer. It's not meant for anything other than grass or weeds, but that's all we have. Bonus is the batteries fit our cordless drill as well. Now we have 4 matching batteries and two chargers for both tools. We have about .10 acre and a full charge does it all.
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Black and Decker...

I tried a 12 volt black and decker rechargeable trimmer - it easily trimmed around 8 - 5' stone tree rings, along the sidewalk, and around the house in one charge. Depending on what you need to cut could make a difference though. I'd say for grass it's great if you are trying to cut a lot of thick weeds not so great. Also if you are cutting along a chainlink fence or something like that the small diameter string in the trimmer will be used up quickly and need frequent replacing.

For the average home owner with a few trees, a sidewalk and a house to go around I'd say they are great, less maintenance, cheaper and quieter than gas and you don't have to mess with the power cord.
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You are just using this to trim around the edges? or to do the whole .3 acres? Getting one that shares it's batteries with other power tools I would think is a BIG plus. That would be an important factor for me anyway.

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