Craftsman Rider with Kohler won't start


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Craftsman Rider with Kohler won't start


Let's see if I can get all the details down. I was asked to look at a friendsCraftsman rider because they said the mower would start but when you release the brake it would die. I pulled the seat switch and metered it, it checked fine. However, after looking at other areas I came back to that and created a cheater. I got it to run.

I cleaned it up (it had sit in a shed for a year), then I mowed for about 30 minutes until it ran out of gas. Refilled it half a tank and tried to start it again. It took over an hour to get it to fire up again (try 2-3 cranks, wait a bit and try again). I did notice some particles in the fuel filter (only a small amount), so I went to get a new filter. But, I started thinking I could smell gas when I cranked it (like it was way rich), so I pulled the air filter and it seems gas is getting to the carb.

I tried to crank it again, and it fired up. It ran about 5 minutes, then started to die (like when the seat safety kicks in), then it backfired twice and died.

On a whim, I decided to check the spark. I did a spark test and NO SPARK.

I have to mention that when this mower was purchased, Sears apparently gave them the manual for the Briggs engine model, which this is not... so I don't have a manual (I've order it and the switch already).

I am aware of one flat fuse and it metered fine. My seat switch cheater is fine. Fuel filter hasn't been touched yet, but fuel is
flowing. Also last fuel filter change was supposedly a short time ago, so it likely isn't clogged. Oil is fresh, no trash or blockage at belts or under deck. Using MY fresh fuel now, and throttle
control appears to operate fine. Battery is new. You can hear
the three under the hood solenoids click when key is turned, as well a what sounds like a similar click on the carb. side of the engine somewhere. Here are the engine/mower details:

Model: 917271080 SN:020399D001334

Kohler Pro Engine 16.0 HP OHV
Family: SKH426U1G2RB
Model: CV16S
Spec No: 43519
Disp. (cc): 426
Ser.: 2836304963
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The 3 relays under the hood would be a place to look. Even though they click, the contact points inside them may not be making connection. Pop the black plastic cover off them and view the points inside. They may need cleaning.

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