Lawn Boy mower


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Lawn Boy mower

I have a Lawnboy mower, the Silver Pro series with the Dura Force 6.5 HP engine. When running the the engine speed surges up and down. it wont run at all unless it is in the choke/full throttle position. I've put in new air filter and changed spark plug. Any ideas, help appreciated

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Sounds like you need to clean the carb. You can try to clean it some without removing the carb but that usuall only prolongs the problem. First if you have an in line fuel filter check to see that it isn't clogged. Now turn off the fuel to the carb, remove the airfilter and stuff, now remove the bowl,(be careful the float will drop down) carefully remove the pin holding the float and associated assembly. Clean the bowl, spray carb cleaner(with the little plastic straw tip) in every crack, hole, crevase you can find from as many directions and angles as possible. Re-assemble and hopefully the problem will be solved. If not, remove the carb take it apart and soak the carb in a good carb dip over nite(do not get any rubber parts or gaskets in the dip cleaner, it causes them to expand) then blow out all the holes and stuff with compressed air or carb/brakeparts cleaner. Re-assemble and try again. If I missed something someone will correct me. Have a nice day. Geo
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You could also use a air compressor to clean the gaz line and the primer line.
Look and see if your cable for the engine speed is not damaged or not well installed. What I use to clean the engine is Quick Start. Spay some rate into the spark plug holl or in cardurator by the air filter(but remove the air filter).
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I believe this is a plastic body carb. DO NOT soak it in any kind of a cleaner if it is. Check out the carb, as Lawn Boy had a lot of models with plastic carbs
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