No fuel.........carb problem?


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No fuel.........carb problem?

The engine in question is a Briggs 14.5 I/C OHV.

Model# 280H07
Type# 0117 E1
Code# 060117 ZD

My problem began when a belt jumped off a pully on my 60" Swisher Finishing Deck. It acted as if it were starving for fuel and ultimately shut down. Now I can't get it started back. I have verified I'm getting spark, but when I pulled the plug, it's dry as a bone. The mower in question is only about 6 months old and worked great up until yesterday without the first problem. It is also still under waranty, however, the dealer wants to ship it off and I could really stand to mow now. Any idea's out there as to a fix. What is this wire on the carb bowl for? I have read messages about this but can't remember what it's intended purpose is. Thanks for any help you can offer............ALAN
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Just my opinion, I think you are making a big mistake if you mess with it while it is under warranty. Any thing you do will be used as an excuse to void the warranty. Ask the dealer who sold it to you for a loaner or at least a cheap rental. The problem may be something very simple or just the tip if a very big iceberg, let it be someone elses iceberg. Have a nice day. Geo
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The wire running to the carburetor bowl is a fuel shut-off solenoid. It must have 12 volts running to it at all times the engine is running. As Geo mentioned, this is under warranty, let an authorized Briggs dealer repair it. You don't have to take it back to where you bought it, you can take it to any authorized Briggs dealer. Find one such in your area and let them fix it. Check on the Briggs website for all dealers in your area.

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