crankcase gas/oil separator needed


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crankcase gas/oil separator needed

I'm looking for some kind of gizmo to put on top of a crankcase breather tube which allows the gasses to vent to atmosphere, but removes the oil and allows it to run back to the crankcase. My crankcase vent tube is 1" diameter. Any kind of inexpensive, simple devices around that will do this? Where do I find, and what are they called?
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Not trying to be rude, however;
I think we need a little more info. What is it, what is going to do, is this thing animal, vegetable or mineral. Is it indoor, outdoor etc;
From your description of your needs I hav'nt a clue.
Have a nice day. Geo
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I know what your talking about (just can't remember the name) but why would you want to? Its pratically useless....

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