engine died, wont start


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engine died, wont start

a freind has this 15 hp lawn tractor, was cuttin and suddenly just stopped. will not start again, doesnt even click when turning the key.the battery is good, checked it and put it under a load, was pulling 11.5 amps. will post back with all #'s, but in the mean while what should he be looking for? i suggested looking for any wires that could be gounding or shorting it out. any suggestions.maybe the seat switch?
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So your saying the engine won't turn over? A number of things could be the cause. It could be one of the three safety switches. One for the mower deck, one on the seat, and one for the clutch.
It could also be the solenoid, starter, key switch, burned or broken wire, ... Start with the cheapest possibilities.
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i'd look at the seloniod, you can turn the ign. on and have someone on the tractor engage all the safty switches:seat, clutch/brake and JUMP the terminals with a screwdriver. BE WARNED THIS IS GONNA SPARK LIKE CRAZY and be careful you don't fuse the 2 metals together. if it cranks then the seloniod is bad. if it don't then go to the ign. switch , then the relays.
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I think I'd start with the simplest. Check the fuse. It may have blown. It is usually inline with the thin red wire coming off the positive side of the solenoid.

The blown fuse would be an indication of a more important problem. If not that, check for power at the trigger wire on the solenoid while turning the key to start and all safety switches in the correct position for starting.

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thanks for all the replies, ill forward that info and post back with results.

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