Repairing A Lawn Mower


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Repairing A Lawn Mower

I Am Having Trouble Starting And Keeping Running My Murray 3.5 Walk Behind Mower. I Think The Problem Is It Is Not Getting Air Or Gas. It Has A Red Push Prime Button That Stays Pushed In. When It Comes Out I Can Start The Mower. As I Mow I Watch The Button Get Slowly Sucked In And The Mower Dies When It (the Prime Button) Becomes Fully Depressed (or Sucked In).
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could use more info, type motor B&S, Tec, Model no. Type, Code, etc. Anyway, try running it with the gas cap loose or removed, if runs, fix the cap problem, if not remove the fuel line from the carb, if fuel doesn't run out fix that, if it does, and the carb has a bowl, remove the bowl reattach the fuel line see if fuel flows from the needle valve if so we have fuel to the bowl. Now we need some spray carb cleaner with the small plastic tube. Clean the bowl and any gunk, the bolt you removed or the post is was screwed into has a very small hole or holes near the end of it, using the cleaner spray the cleaner thru the holes ot insure they are open also spray cleaner thru all small holes in the carb to remove all other gunk you can. Try this to see if things improve, if not you will need to remove the carb and soak it in a good dip cleaner. Post as to your progress. You will get a lot of advice on this board some of the guys are pretty amazing. Have a nice day. Geo
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What geo said but don't remove the cap just loosin it or you have gas everywhere.If that don't help and you did what geo said and you got fuel to the carb then remove the carb a clean remove all the rubber parts and set them aside.use a bath type cleaner and soak it following the directions.Use compressed air to blowout all the little holes.while your at it install a rebuild kit.about 11 dollars.Replace all the gaskets on the carb.

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