ryobi leaf blower won't start


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ryobi leaf blower won't start

Made a huge mistake and forgot to add oil with the gas in my leaf blower (Ryobi). Will not start. Is there anything I can do to repair it?
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You can check it for spark and if you have fire, you can pull off the muffler and look into the cylinder. Also rotate the engine slowly and you can see the piston go by. If there are major signs of scoring on the cylinder or piston, its prolly done its days
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How long was it ran without oil in the gas.I say the engine is fryed.Surpised it lasted that long.Its not worth rebuilding.It would cost more to rebuild them to buy new.
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vt don't give up just yet.
Go to the auto parts store and get a quart of cheap Automatic Transmission Fluid type-F. Now, remove the spark plug, remove the muffler, seperate the crankcase to expose the rod/crankshaft now rotate the engine to expose the piston rings thru the exhaust port now drip ATF on the rings(about a capfull) now if you can get to the rod bearing without dumping the ATF out the exhaust port continue otherwise wail till the next day. Ok, now drip a capful of ATF on the rod bearing and let it set overnite. Now start to rotate the engine until it moves freely, now spray carb cleaner thru the spark plug hole to flush the cylinger walls continue to rotate the engine to blow the cleaner from the cylinder. Now put it all back together(careful with the crankcase seal) and you should be good to go. It will smoke for a while ridding itself of the ATF. Have a nice day. Geo

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