mower dies after running for 10 min


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Angry mower dies after running for 10 min

I have a Craftsman mower with 6hp B&S engine. It would run for about 10-15 then die. To get it started again, I would have to prime it again. To finish mowering my 1/4 acre of grass, I would have to restart the mower 5-6 times, and this is pretty annoying. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this problem?

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One Of Several Possible Causes

Hello: kfcm78660

Very possible the vent hole in the fuel tanks cap is restricted or plugged up. If air cannot enter into the tank as the fuel is used, the fuel flow will eventually stop flowing as a vacuum builds up inside the fuel tank.

Test run the engine without the fuel cap or fuel cap not on too tightly. If the condition no longer exists, solution is to replace the cap on the fuel tank.

Our small engine professionals in this topic will assist you further after you do the test, note the results and reply back.

I found your question in the tools and machinery topic where it sat for days without a reply. Question belongs in this topic, so I moved it here. Best chance to get professional help here.

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I'm not sure if that particular model has a prime bulb.

I had a similar problem with a blower, and it turned out the prime bulb gasket wasn't tight. The prime bulb was sucking in air.

Once this was re-tightened, the thing runs fine.
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In theory, you can get rid of the primer once the engine is started on most four-stroke engines, so, I wouldn't blame this. And, anyhow, it seems to be functioning properly since you say you are at least able to start it in the first place. Ten to fifteen minutes of run time is strange, I will say. By all means try the fuel-cap-loosening trick, since this certainly could be the trouble. If that yields no luck then at the next moment the engine dies, have a new spark plug in your pocket, pull the spark plug wire off the installed plug and insert the new plug into the wire, rest this on a metalic surface, pull the engine over and check for spark at the spark plug. Another possible problem area could be the flywheel brake cable whereas it is streched to the point of just barely releasing the kill circuit when you pull the bale handle back to the handlebar. A good way to diagnose this is to start the engine as you would normally, immediately allow the bale handle to very slowly return back to its fully released position. If the engine stall after only a short throw of the bale handle then this could indicate a faulty cable. Replacing such is in order.

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