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Linkage on 5 hp Briggs Kart Engine

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08-09-06, 11:11 PM   #1  
Linkage on 5 hp Briggs Kart Engine

Hello All & Cheese: I just cleaned & rebuilt the carb on a 135200 series 5 hp sport series Briggs. I have all the linkage back to normal EXCEPT the final throttle attachment. I guess I lost a piece. Here's the problem: The throttle cable has a metal stop with a screw to tighten it onto the cable and a hole for a small screw to pass. There isn't anything to attach it to? The linkage from the carb ends on the other side of the plate and a square plastic slide passes through to the outside. It is that plastic slide that I need to attach the cable stop to? There's nothing I can screw onto? What part am I missing? Can anyone send me a picture or drawing or anything that can help me out? As always "Thanks in advance", Ron

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08-10-06, 09:45 AM   #2  
Bigwind go to briggs & stratton's web site & type in mod # & type # and you can get a illistrated picklist you can download. it free. www.briggsandstratton.com

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08-10-06, 02:24 PM   #3  
If I understand you correctly, it is the engine end you're in need of clarification with. The stop you have should mount to the speed control bracket (under the fuel tank). The stop mounts in a slot on this bracket by way of a screw through the back side of the bracket with the stop on the front side. Go to the site Jarhead mentioned and type in model 135232 and type number 1333, go to the "controls 2" group and look at reference number 266A. This should be the stop you're referring to. Is it? If so, use my instructions to mount it back in place.

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08-10-06, 06:15 PM   #4  
I got the young man running this morning by fabricating a 'U' shape out of 20 gauge stock. Drilled & tapped one side and slid it through the slot on the plastic piece. I simply put a 1/8" hex head through the throttle cable retainer and tightened it down. Worked like a champ! I really appreciate your help. I still need to order the correct piece but sounds similar to what I fabricated...Puey61 you are right on the money with that IPL but I just can't see which part I need. What I'm looking for helps attach part587 the cable clamp to the back side of 222a the gear and rack plastic piece that you can see looking at the rear of the engine just below the tank. I just can't seem to see it on the IPL? any idea what piece I'm looking for? Maybe it could be a part of the gear & rack and I just popped it off when I removed the cable clamp from it?....Thanks again for everybody's help!---------------Cheese, I got a call this afternoon and picked up a 46" Craftsman 20 hp Intek Automatic. Runs like new! The Doctor just needed some extra room in the shop? Just got off the phone with a neighbor who saw the ad and responded with a 42" Troy Built. Small problem with the transmission...Obviously our publication hit the street today! Have you received any calls?

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08-10-06, 07:54 PM   #5  
Hello Ron!

I know the part you need. It slips in the slot like you've already done, and attatches via a screw. Sounds like you've got it as good as it could need to be anyway.

Yes, I've gotten replies. I'll give you the details in email.

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