Hydralic valve lifters


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Hydralic valve lifters

I have a Kohler model CV14 spec#-1451 engine. Does anyone know of a web site that has a "service manual". I think I've found out that it has hydralic valve lifters. If so, is there nothing to do to adjust the valves? The problem I'm having is the engine will start and run about 5 seconds, the speed is up and down. I've rebuilt the carburetor and also checked the compression which is good (100 PSI). I have never worked on an engine with hydralic lifters. I'm at a loss.
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This does have hydraulic lifters and you can go here http://www.kohlerplus.com/login.asp and find manuals. Click on "enter as guest" and in the upper right area of the next screen you'll see an area to enter your specification number. This brings up your engine as well as manuals to go along with such. Your problem is still a fuel starvation issue though. I recommend soaking the carburetor in a bath cleaner (I like Napa #6402) and then a final cleaning out with spray carburetor cleaner. Be sure to wear rubber gloves and eyeware when using this cleaner.
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This does sound like a fuel problem. On some of these, the main jet is in the fuel shutoff solenoid. Make sure it is clear and operating correctly if so.

It does have hydraulic valves. No adjustments to be made, and I think I've only seen a problem with the lifters coming apart once before. It's pretty reliable.

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