Two metal tabs on yardman 4.5HP pushmower


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Two metal tabs on yardman 4.5HP pushmower


My yardman stopped running and in the process of "fixing" it I broke the pull cord. Not a problem, I went up and picked up a new and went to replace the broken one. I took the mower apart in order to replace the cord and in the process I decided to remove these two small metal tabs on the underside of the part. (I don't know the name of the part, I'm looking it up and charging my digital camera to add pics later)

The two tabs make contact with the rest of the mower shaft to engage when you pull the cord, they disengage and allow the spring to re-wind the cord when you let go (working on the names, sorry).

The problem is, I can't get the tabs to stay in. When I took them out I had to pry them out and now I can't figure out how to keep them in, they fall out if I just put them in their slots, something isn't right.

Like I said I'm working on pics to upload and going to run up to the library to get a book but I wanted to try you guys as well.

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The two small metal tabs that you describ is called 'starter pawls' and as you said they swing out to engauge the starter cup to spin the engine when pulling the rope.And go back in when the rpoe is released.They should be a two little springs that fits in 'wells' in the starter pulley 180' from eace other.These springs is what the starter pawls go behind to hold them in place.
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Thanks repair guy.

I picked up a tome of knowledge at the local knowledge repository and am now all over the situation.

Thanks again.
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Brains do come from books

I am a firm believer that when all else fail in in trial and eror open a book for the answers,glad you are now in control of you starter delema,have a nice day.

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